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TropSOC Database v1.0 Data Description
TropSOC Database v1.0

When using the database, please cite TropSOC v1.0 as follows:
Doetterl, S., Bukombe, B., Cooper, M., Kidinda,L., Muhindo, D., Reichenbach, M., Stegmann, A.,Summerauer, L., Wilken, F., and Fiener, P.: TropSOC Database, Version 1.0, GFZ Data Services,, 2021.

Additionally, please cite this publication here where the data are first described as follows:
Doetterl, S., Asifiwe, R., Baert, G., Bamba, F., Bauters, M., Boeckx, P., Bukombe, B., Cadisch, G., Cooper, M., Cizungu, L., Hoyt, A., Kabaseke, C., Kalbitz, K., Kidinda, L., Maier, A., Mainka, M., Mayrock, J., Muhindo, D., Mujinya, B., Mukotanyi, S., Nabahungu, L., Reichenbach, M., Rewald, B., Six, J., Stegmann, A., Summerauer, L., Unseld, R., Vanlauwe, B., Van Oost, K., Verheyen, K., Vogel, C., Wilken, F., and Fiener, P.: Organic matter cycling along geochemical, geomorphic and disturbance gradients in forests and cropland of the African Tropics – Project TropSOC Database Version 1.0, Earth Syst. Sci. Data Discuss. [preprint], , accepted, 2021.

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